Covered Nuts (Kashtane)

These crunchy cookie haves are filled with a creamy cream cheese and Oreo filling. They are drenched in a delicate meringue cream and then coated in crispy crushed wafers.


Nuts (Oreshki)

This is a great dessert for specials like parties and weddings, It includes Dulce- De Leche, eggs and dough. Lastly Its very popular in slavic culture.

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Raspberry Tiramisu

This raspberry tiramisu is indulging and pairs great with coffee or a hot cup of tea. Raspberries go so well with this creamy mascarpone cheese cream. This recipe is very easy to follow and tastes delicious.

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Korshiki Romashka

This is a great Ukrainian dessert that i like to make occasionally. If you would like to have an easy food that melts right in your mouth then you came to the right place!


Snow Queen

This Recipe Is Called The Snow Queen. It tastes just as good as it looks, if not better. Definitely something sweet you can indulge, without feeling guilty or feeling like you need to exercise, for those of you that watch your calorie intake.               […]