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Raspberry Tiramisu

This raspberry tiramisu is indulging and pairs great with coffee or a hot cup of tea. Raspberries go so well with this creamy mascarpone cheese cream. This recipe is very easy to follow and tastes delicious.


Calla Lily

This Calla Lily appetizer is made to replicate the actual flower. It is made from american cheese slices which are then filled with a mozzarella spread and carrot pieces. This appetizer is appealing and tasty. Make this your center piece […]


Shuba Roulette

Shuba Roulettes are made throughout the whole Europe. Salad with salty fish fillets.

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Red Soup

Red Soup: Makes a first-class informal lunch or family supper. It is substantial and filling with crusty bread and butter on the side.


Dill Flowers

The Dill Flowers have been around for quite a while now, its an original Ukrainian appetizer. Its quick and easy to make, healthy, and looks good on the table!