Cucumber Roulette

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This is a recipe i love a lot! I really like making it for weddings, it makes every person say “Who Made That Its So Beautiful” Its the best to make it in the spring or in the fall it also can be used for christmas or big occasions.


We Start with with 1 long cucumber, 8 Crackers, 8oz cheese, 2 garlic pieces, 11 parsley herbs.IMG_2501Squeeze the garlic in a garlic squeeze

Next put it in the cheeses

Now mix it with a wire whisk


IMG_2502cut cucumber into 8 pieces vertically

cover it with the cheese that we mixed earlier make sure it is even in all parts.


IMG_2503 Roll the cucumbers up into roulettes

Place On the Crackers

Place Parsley herbs by each cracker and you are done!

[Make Sure that you make them while the person is at your house because it could spoil]

Cucumber Roulette
Prep time
Total time
Yummy Beautiful And Tasty
Recipe type: Appetizer
Serves: 3
  • 1. Long Cucumber
  • 2. 8 graham circle crackers
  • 3. 2 garlic pieces
  • 4.12 parsley herbs
  • 5. 8oz farm cheese
  1. Wash the cucumber dry
  2. mix cheese with squeezed garlic
  3. cut cucumber into 8 equal pieces
  4. Cover the cucumber with farm cheese
  5. Roll the cucumbers up into roulettes
  6. Place the roulettes on the crackers
  7. Place Parsley By each cracker and your done



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