Author: svetasrecipes


Cabbage Salad Soup

This cabbage salad soup is very quick to make if you already have the salad (Cabbage Salad). It holds lots of vitamins and very tasty, it comes from Ukraine and is one of the best salads there.


Potato Pancakes ( Драніки )

This is a loved and favorite Ukrainian dish, it is very good with cold milk or sour cream. Its all the way from Europe though is a great dinner dish. You can also try to mix it with other foods and get different tastes.


Cabbage roll

A cabbage roll is a dish consisting of cooked cabbage leaves wrapped around a variety of fillings and a meaty rice mixture, tomato mushroom sauce.


Lavash (Bread)

Lavash is a first class wrap it can be used for many appetizers such as tortoise, many restaurants use it for their wraps the number one is Taco Bell or Bone Fish Grill. I hope you enjoy this simple recipe. -Sveta



A great homemade juice that will give popular juices a run for their money, including juicy fresh cherries from a local super center and a bucket of tastefulness. As much as i enjoy making homemade Kompot, I love kecil even more. You can also see another version at !