Author: svetasrecipes


Cured Pork (Salo)

This cured seasoned pork is similar to class Ukrainian Salo (Bacon). Its simmered in water with onion skins, which gives it a nice smell, color and aroma. Then it is toped with crushed garlic and dills.


Mushroom Salad

Its never a better time to have a healthy and refreshing bread spread even tough it is a salad it taste as good as spread. It’s appreciated by everyone and enjoy by everyone. I got this recipe when i was hurrying to make up for the guests it worked great […]


Fried Potatoes with Peppers

Ukrainian fried potatoes with sauté sweet red peppers, this is a great dinner recipe that will get anyone to eat even your kids. It has a long heritage from Ukraine but then went around the world.


Pepper Salad Dish

A nutritious salad that surprisingly is very tasty and easy to make i recommend it a lot since it has very healthy ingredients such as cheese, corn, sour cream, tomatoes, pepper and bacon.


Boat Cucumber

A juicy appetizer to serve which includes carrots, parsley and garlic. Very easy to make and is good looking to anyone who sees it! I mainly recommend it for the holidays since it goes with christmas though its your choice, either way its a great appetizer.