Author: svetasrecipes


Pork Accordion

Juicy pork with a combination of cheese and tomatoes. Even includes garlic salt and lemon pepper. It’s also a first-class meal to serve.


Kiev Cake (Tort)

Homemade cake is a rich dessert, it includes whipped cream, nuts and more tasteful ingredients to make it astonishing.


Beat Salad

This is the quickest salad  have ever made! Its very good for the holidays and home parties.


Egg Tulip Bouquet

A great appetizer for a little party that your hosting, it includes creamy eggs the are painted by beats. It taste even better than it looks, and is one of the easiest recipes on my blog.


Wheat Bread

Passed down from generations. Including natural ingredients and is also homemade. Its great with soup and is surprisingly very healthy.