Author: svetasrecipes


Coralli Nuts

This is a great dessert without a doubt my boys love it also it can’t be in my house for more than an hour unless it will be gone.  Its compiled with quite a few ingredients and is a combination of chocolate and coconut.


Covered Nuts (Kashtane)

These crunchy cookie haves are filled with a creamy cream cheese and Oreo filling. They are drenched in a delicate meringue cream and then coated in crispy crushed wafers.


Nuts (Oreshki)

This is a great dessert for specials like parties and weddings, It includes Dulce- De Leche, eggs and dough. Lastly Its very popular in slavic culture.


Cabbage Salad

Light and easy. Filled with lots of vitamins. If there are left overs, you can easily make borsch with it.


Pasta With Kielbasa

The classic combination of sausage takes on a pasta companion in this warming dish that peaks with onions.