Author: svetasrecipes


Corn Salad

Not only does it look great, wait till you dig in.. Tastes even better!


Mushroom Soup

A main dish soup makes a first class informal lunch or family supper. It is substantial and filling with crusty hot bread and butter as am accompaniment.


Cucumber Salad

The cucumber is popular in Ukrainian kitchens, This salad includes cucumbers and dills. It is occasionally on my serving table. Also its easy to make and healthy to eat.


Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes is one of the most liked recipes in my family. This recipe can be used as an everyday menu or on any special occasions. There are many different recipes out there for mashed potatoes but this one definitely beats them all in my book. The taste is definitely like […]


Roasted Turkey

All holidays and festivals are traditionally celebrated with a Roasted Bird. Roasted bird is a family meal, or it can be combined with other flavors to make excitingly  different dishes for more formal occasions.