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Olivye (Potato salad)

Some people think this salad is one of the main dishes of the holidays. Others think this salad is a traditional dish. However no one can imagine New Years without this salad.


Katleti (Meatballs)

Just like in Ukraine every home has a different soup recipe so do these Meatballs. Though this recipe is quite unique because the meatballs tend to be very soft.


Stuffed Mushrooms

This is a restaurant worthy appetizer, It includes meat cheese red pepper and much more. Its Beautiful on the outside but taste even better.


Carrot Salad

Is easy to make and is made from ingredients you may already have on hand. Its also known as “Korean Salad”, as the carrots are julienned. This recipes is for 1 pound of carrots. Make this traditional classic carrot salad the next time you want a healthy delicious side. Enjoy!

tiramisu-easy-raspberries-cocoa-cream-mascorpone cheese-dessert

Raspberry Tiramisu

This raspberry tiramisu is indulging and pairs great with coffee or a hot cup of tea. Raspberries go so well with this creamy mascarpone cheese cream. This recipe is very easy to follow and tastes delicious.