Israel Salad Spread

In a Ukrainian kitchen there are many different nationalities of food, This Israel salad with eggplants can be also used as a spread and includes garlic, mayonnaise and black pepper. It is commonly used as a spread for bread, I […]


Ukrainian Vishivanka Cake

A 6 layer White chocolate cake with nuts, apricot preserve, Whipped Cream, and Dulce De- Leche. It is a great combination with tea and coffe. From Ukraine.


Avocado Salad In Lavash Dishes

This Avocado Lavash Dish is very good looking and yummy. It contains a great combination of tomatoes, eggs, cheese and mayonnaise. It is a very good as a holiday dish and for any other types of celebrations.


Hasselback Potatoes

These hasselback potatoes are filled with cured bacon pieces, and seasoned to deliciousness. This recipe comes from the whole world though every person has there own unique way of making it!


Lavash Roulette with Salmon

This is a classic homemade lavash (wrap) from Ukraine it includes tomatoes, sweet peppers, salad leaves and cheese. It a very good combination for a wrap and is very delicious.